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Moving into a new home or apartment is a difficult time for any individual or family. You want to address specific goals, like moving to a rental home near your work, desired area of town, but you also want to ensure that the apartment or rental home meets all of your needs.

Burgess Management Group provides the experienced and expert assistance you need to stay within your budget while still addressing your needs and goals. We assist local residents with the search for a house or apartment type property. We listen to your goals and work within your budget.

As a property management company, we have the tools to quickly compare your options and identify appropriate rental spaces for your goals. The properties we manage include a wide variety apartment types and single family homes.
Use our online tools to see local vacancies in Greensboro or the triad area of North Carolina. Apply for a rental space through our online service and manage your rent with our online tools. We make the process of renting an apartment or home as quick and easy as possible. See the rental space in person before finalizing the details and enjoy an apartment that works around your goals.

Location, location, location In business that phrase is King and for a good reason. Manny of good stores don’t succeed because of poor location. All other qualities of a good business are secondary to the location.

Being a successful commercial property management company for many years, we are here to help you connect your business to a location that matches your product, budget, size and visibility.

Our Owners have learned that our leasing plans are good for the tenant and the owner. We strive to reach long range goals for both.